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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 26, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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. the battle over the decision over proposition 8 from the supreme court and in a few hours we may know if gay couples can marry. an effort to ban car camping passes a hurdle and i will tell you about what is next for this controversial proposal. and money problems tied to a bay area music festival, it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i feel that moisture hanging. >> it's very heavy rain for some, not for others and the lows are sitting in the 60s so it will not take much. it will be a little dryer
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today, 60s and 70s and 80s. good morning, traffic is moving well if you are driving from the san mateo to the peninsular and also it is looking good at the willow pass grade, let's go back to the desk. just about two hours from now the u.s. supreme court will announce their ruling on same- sex marriage ban. they will hand down the remaining rulings in the current session this morning. the judges have three cases left to rule on including proposition 8 and the federal defensive act. the high court will begin issuing rulings at 7:00 a.m. and it is possible when the supreme court ruling does come down, it will be awhile before we know exactly what it means. there are several way is the court could rule. they could strike down proposition 8 or uphold proposition 8 or even decline
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to rule and for each of those options, it will depend on how the justices write the ruling whether it applies only in california or nationwide. they have played a long crucial role in the long battle over same-sex marriage, tara moriarty joins us in city hall where the doors will open early for this historic high court ruling. >>reporter: that's right, they will open early and people will be able to go in for a viewing and the decision may come down via the web so they may be watching a program and we can tell you there is a lot of anticipation in the air. we spoke with a judge who declared proposition 8 unconstitutional. judge walker is enjoying a private practice along the embarcadero and he said nobody can predict what the supreme court will do but it is likely
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they will decide prop 8 supporters lack standing and that means the debate could head back to california. >> there will be further proceedings and further litigation i'm sure. this is not the end of the story and it may be a big chapter in the story but it's not the end. >> if the debate comes back to california, the governor, the attorney general and state officials will make the determination. the supreme court could affirm the 9th court decision and that will make it to resume and we will be back as we inch closer for this historic decision. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, rallies will be held across the bay area in support of same-sex marriage in red wood city and at the caltrans
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station in mountain view and heelsberg. and there will be others ruling as well as the defensive marriage act. that is what defines marriage as only between a man and woman. meaning even legally married same-sex marriage couples will not qualify for benefits. a woman had to pay 67,000 in estate taxes after her female spouse died. if she had been married to a man she would not have had to pay those taxes. what a new pole is suggesting about opinions around the country on same-sex marriage. make sure you stay right here with ktvu channel 2 morning news for the proposition 8 decision and now mornings on 2 will bring you the decision as soon as it comes down and that's about 7:00 this morning. we have legal analystels on
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hand to help us -- analysts on hand to help us understand the court ruling and we have a special coming up at 6:30. >> a city on the peninsular cracking down on people living in their vehicles and parking them out on the streets. katie is live in palo alto where a major hurdle for a new ordinance has been cleared. good morning, katie. >>reporter: that was the policy and services committee and that ordinance was passed last night as we are here at the community center. this parking lot is one of the parking lots issue where cars have camped in the past and i am told by community members that people have camped here overnight. the controversial effort to ban car camping passed last night with a 3-0 vote. one man was absent according to the mercury news. a big crowd showed up and all but two people opposed the
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proposed ordinance. some people say if we crackdown on car camping where else will they live but they need tools to crack down which can create litter and unsanitary conditions. the ordinance rather would be complaint driven and only apply to public areas, so church organizations which are okay with camping and there are a few in town that support it, they would still be allowed to have those people there camping overnight however it did pass committee and the next step is on for full council for a vote. katie hugh. >> 2300 voted on whether to authorize a walkout. a strike could start as early as monday morning stranding 300,000 bart riders and they
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have not worked out a new deal like salary pensions and benefits and there is still time to reach a new deal before sunday night's dead line. it is part of a perfect storm, mass transit in the bay area an ac transit workers have authorized their own strike. your contract ends sunday, the same day as the bart contract the and workers say management should focus on their contract talks instead of helping bart commuters. the state is working with the two sides trying to reach a new deal. new details are emerging in the case of a san francisco couple charged with killing their daughter's pimp. they are accused of killing calvin snead last june. they gunned him down with the daughter just a few pete away
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-- feet away. they say they had been looking for their daughter who had been exploited by snead. last month people gathered in napa for the first ever bottle rocket festival and they claim festival organizers oh more than $200,000 and that raise is the amount owed to vendors to more than $1.7 million. sal, you ready to take care of the folks this morning? >> we are. we have been looking for crashes and looking at chp as usual and listening to our sources and we don't have a lot going on, let's take a look at 880. right now traffic is moving a long well getting through and there are no major problems as you drive through from vallejo over to oak lap.
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the commute looks good and looks good all the way to san francisco. it is a nice drive, 280 and 101 and 85. >> steve? there is one thing i want to say, 280 off coleman avenue, there is a crash on the off ramp there. thank you, 64 degrees, my good friend down in san jose, said it is 65 and the one great thing about the rain and the information coming in was outstanding so thanks to everybody from marin county up to mendocino some incredible rain totals, i will try to build a graphic but 2 to 5 inches fell and other locations hardly anything. it is starting today as we head towards the weekend and here is the key, it is going to warm up inland and we have been way
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below average on the temperatures. and i am seeing near 90 for san shows the and -- san jose and 70s by the coast. today is the transition day, it is up towards eureka, crescent city and a look at these lows, mid-60s on the temperatures. everyone else is in the mid-60s and there is that rain again. eureka, cent city, 60s -- crescent city 60s for some, we have a lot of clouds in place and maybe a little drizzle, humidity as well, humidity factor is through the roof here. 60s and 70s and 80s, and it will not be a problem to get back into the inland areas. how much sun does it take. it will be warmer especially
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inland and we will have to keep an eye on things especially by the coast, warm to hot by the weekend. hope is running out that nelson mandela will recover. the ominous signs of his failing health and a prayer offered by a family friend. i am kyla campbell live outside the u.s. supreme court where people are age slowsly awaiting the rulings on same- sex marriage cases and we will be here with the details and a live report in just a few minutes. westbound 24 as you drive between walnut creek and oakland looks pretty good so far and i will tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. the ruling on u.s. supreme court proposition 8 is coming down in just about two hours and kyla campbell is live outside the supreme court, what is the mood there? >> reporter: take a look, some of these people have been waiting in line to get inside since 1:00 yesterday afternoon and most people are getting here around midnight the last couple of days and they want to get inside because two things they are ruling on, are two high profile marriage cases and
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the ban on proposition 8 will be decided and i did speak with an expert a few moments ago and they could base their decision on the fact that they were given the right to marry in california and it was taken away with the proposition 8 vote. i will be heading in there to secure those decisions live from the justices and i will be reporting from ktvu channel 2 morning news all morning long and we will have the latest on what is going on outside of the u.s. supreme court. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new pole says 5 5% of new voters recently polled said they support legalizing same- sex marriage are supporting it and just 2% opposed.
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and national opinion on same- sex marriage has shifted, 3% of americans in a gallop pole said same-sex marriage should be legal and that's up 9% in 2010 when 44% of americans supported gay marriage. >> 20% supported gay marriage in 96 and that was the first year they conduct add pole and the first year it was signed into law. that means support for gay marriage has almost doubled in four years. there are ominous signs of the condition of nelson mandela and many are hoping for a recovery but an archbishop who visited the family posted online quote, a perfect peaceful end for the 94-year- old who remains in critical condition with a lung infection
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and his family is reportedly making funeral arrangements and preparing a gravesite. they are flying to senegal preparing a trip and he has no plans to visit nelson mandela and he will also tour an island at a strategical point for slave trade. there is a procedural vote scheduled in a little more than three hours from now and final paysage is expected -- passage is expected for the bipartisan measure and lists pre--- analysts predict a measure and many are against a path for citizenship for undocument under workers -- undocumented
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workers. many are trying to keep their schools from closing. they voted to rebuke the charter schools sighting -- citing mismanagement however they said they could stay open but last night they voted 5-1 to uphold the school district's decision to revoke the charters. car thefts are way up especially in san jose and they up a a 71% increase compared to 2011 and that's according to new information from the fbi. 5 places made the fbi's list for the top 10 cities which include oakland richmond vallejo, antioch and hayward. sal, how is the traffic? hopefully it is a lot better, hopefully the whoas are away?
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>> well, we are all hoping for a better commute, that is for sure and yesterday was not that great. right now it does look good and at the coleman off ramp it is showing a crash but this is 880 in oakland and the traffic does look good driving passed the coliseum. also san mateo looks good all the way to the high-rise and back to 101. speaking of 101 in sap hose that looks good and that's usually the first to get slow traffic and also we are looking at the santa cruz mountains and that's showing a nice drive. fairfield on the observations they say clear and everybody else said cloudy and a lot of low clouds and the rain line with stay north, having unbelievable amounts for
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sonoma. very mild, very muggy companies and it is just a low cloud deck. so that allowed sun angles and high pressure is building in and it is starting to squash that fog bank. by the weekend it could be warm to mild inland and we will have to see the bigger warmup. some mild lows and maybe some drizzle we are not completely done with the precipitation, 3 to 5 inches of rain fell in marin county so that it is unbelievable. it would not take much to start warming up and it will be warm to hot by the weekend and we'll see if it makes it to areas around the bay and temperatures will be on the rise over the next couple of days. and they are supporting the
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u.s. central bank's decision to slow down its bond buying decision. we have its lowest price since 2010. overnight they closed with the gain taiwan, australia, they all finished with 1.5%. there were some slight declines and checking in our number, it has been pretty volatile up and down and we'll see how the markets react to the proposition 8 ruling and right now futures indicate a higher opening right here in the u.s. if for the first time they topped a survey and executives from around the world say they are becoming more competitive and it makes the best place for foreign investment. china had been number one.
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newspapers are now more than competitors and they are scheduled to go into court because of an advertising pricing policy. it is the first time i got to see that. how a local fire chief is making history with his appointment.
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. berkeley is making history
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this morning with its new fire chief. [applauds] well, there he is, he was concerned about achieve, first chief in the united states and has been the interim chief since the first was retired in december and he is now honored to be serving as the chief. >> this is a great city, we have a great fire department and we will move forward and do a lot of things in the future. >> he is a 23 year veteran of the fire department and he worked his way up from a firefighter and paramedic. san francisco's two newspapers are involved in a legal battle. the examiner accuses the chronicle of offering a special deal to some advertisers and slashing ad prices for businesses that boycott the
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examiner and so far the chronicle has not commented on that lawsuit. they are trying to make the city commutes safer to commute and bike to work. it is in east san jose to the guadeloupe park which runs through downtown san jose. the green lines physically separate the bicyclists from car traffic. how is the traffic, sal? good morning, pam, we are still doing well and we will start off in the south bay and look at interstate 280 getting up to 880 and it is a nice looking drive with no major problems as you drive through and it looks good all the way to the west valley. interstate 880 looks good as you drive from pleasanton and into san jose. let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds are in place, there could be some drizzle but the steady rain, or
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yesterday for parts of the bay area, a lot of cloud cover, fog will burn off, some inland areas coming back, pam? monster energy drinks one mother is making claims about this company one year after the death of her son. people are taking to the streets here in the castro district and we will tell you about the rally plans for today. ♪
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. well, good morning to you, i am dave clark, it is june 26th. >> hello, will it be as nice as saturday? >> well, other locations had cloudy skies and some locations show the cloud deck burning off sooner. >> there are no major problems as you drive through and also the traffic is looking good at the bay bridge so farraguting into san francisco -- so far getting into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. california will